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Well safe and sound are definitely the watchwords after this race. Rest in Peace, Jimmy; and Heal Well, John.

My story is about all told, all there is to add is the pictures. I don't think I took any, these are all Allan's.

Here're the gas tanks plumbed in. They would have been necessary: I got under 20mpg at the desert 100, but over 30 on the test ride in SoCal. Not good, but good enough.

Side note, the bike's paperwork is still tied up at DMV HQ in Salem, but I was able to get a trip permit for the race.

A little more wiring. Nothing major, just adding power ports for the GPSs. The plan was to run two gpss, and for the roadbook sections just stuff the pages in my handlebar map bag. There wasn't enough time to figure out a roadbook holder.

Two GPSs are a nice luxury. One displays the turn-by-turn directions and the other shows the map. If one stops working the other can be set to display both; it's just harder to read.

Rider's view.

Cory and I waiting in the Mexicali border parking lot while we all take turns getting visas. Also showing off the Doubletake mirrors (that they were nice enough to rush ship; thanks!)

Tech inspection; after waiting in line with the cars for a while, was told that bikes just cut. Ok, let's do it.

I didn't know they had a Jr class.

The starting zoo next morning.

Most of the Vintage bikes: from L-R an IT465, XT500, and SL350

The rest of Vintage bikes, mine and an XR500. We started on the same minute.

I took the slow start

And we're off

Team Lameco started behind me:

And that's it for the riding pictures. The breakdown was in the first transit, right in front of the chase rig. Which, if you're going to break down, is really the perfect place to do it.

We got nowhere on the side of the road, so packed it up and trailered to the Bay of LA. Working on the bike at the BofLA hotel has become a bit of a tradition. We tore it down to the head gasket, soaked the pistons and rings in WD-40 and were able to free it up. We figured that was it and put it back together. By 1:30 it started and ran, so we called it a night.

Fitting the new head gasket. The 650 has a reputation for blowing them so we had a few spares. They needed a bit of work to fit, though.

The though was that it had just overheaded, so we richened the carb needles and retarded the timing.

Setting the valve clearance. The tool is a honda part that came with my first cb650 years ago. I have no idea where the bike is now, but the tool works great on hondas and ktms too.

Next morning, I rode out for a test ride, made it out the parking lot, 50 ft down the road and that was that.

Once again:

After an hour or so of disassembly, we pulled this out of the cylinder

This was the drain pan after draining the oil into it, letting it settle, and pouring it out. Looks like finding gold, doesn't feel like finding gold.

Here was the sump, as removed:

And that's all folks.
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