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Originally Posted by achesley View Post
Sheesh! I'm missing the 276C already.
The greatest thing I miss about my 276 (vs. the Montana) are the routing tools, in particular searching POI's near a route and ability to manage multiple vias on-the-fly. I'm not sure why the Montana is limited to one via and why we can't search POI's near a route.

I'm continually hugely annoyed by not being able to do a "find" ("where-to") while map panning like *every* other POI unit I've had in the past. This bites me every day I use the unit.....

Other than those very annoying issues, there's not a lot about the 276 that were big improvements over the Montana IMO. The Montana takes too many presses to do a find....this really should be a menu item in the map page menu which would also deal with the horrible map panning "find" issue. I still like having buttons and think there is absolutely a place for them on GPS's, even those with touchscreens, but Apple has successfully shifted the paradigm on just about everything away from buttons.....although even the iPhone has more buttons than the Montana!
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