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Left Brooklyn Sunday in the truck and I'm now at a truck stop outside Knoxville, TN, unfortunately the trip was more eventfull than anticipated.

Every time I've done this route I fill up in Jersey City and make it to the Flying J at the first exit in Virginia on I81. this time I ran out of fuel 4 miles before the exit! The reason i pushed it to get to that station is that Flying J and Pilot give you half a shower credit for every 25 gallons of fuel. other chains only give a full credit for 50 gallons and my truck only holds 32 gallons. I figured I'd need some showers on the trip especially if I stealth camped.

This was at 10pm and the State of West Va help truck came by and took me to the station to get 5 gallons of fuel. I put it in but the truck refused to start. The Help guy called a truck mechanic who charged $85 per hour to come figure out what was wrong. i'm more of a mechanic than this guy, but not as good a scammer! After 4 hours of dicking around he said my high pressure oil pump was shot and he could call a tow truck for me. After I paid hin $360 he left with a smile on his face. Tow truck took me 1/4 mile to the exit which had a diesel repair shop , another $125 and it's 3 am. When they open I tell my story and the guy says hell get me going in 5 minutes! He opens my fuel filter, puts a cup of diesel in it, tells me to start it, starts right up, blows black smoke for 30 seconds and smooths out.

Went on the the flying J and filled up 28 gallons and got my 1/2 shower credit, a $5 value. At the Flying J I saw a couple of guys standing by a V-Strom so I went over to say hello. Seems it was a sale transacton between 2 inmates from a post in the Flea Market. Sorry, forgot the user names, but if you see this, say hey.

Should be on 2 wheels day after tomorrow.

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