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Originally Posted by geg View Post
I think it has a lot to do with the media banging on about tires, and the teams & drivers taking the easy way out.
The tires are all the same for every team. Drive them hard, drive them poorly, and they come apart. it has always been thus. I guess the fact the noise level about tires has gotten so high now, its the only story worth hearing.

F1 has always been kind of a fringe, technical game, and one of the reasons I like it so much. I think they are looking to make it more mainstream though ($$$) and maybe a little less technical.

here's hoping the racing continues similar to the season so far with a good level of unpredictability.
I agree. The tires are EXACTLY what FIA asked for. They create another technical hurdle for the teams to overcome, and created better opportunities both for on track overtaking and for strategy differences. Ferrari had a good strategy at Catalunya from the first lap. Lotus had a good strategy. Other teams, not so much. Blaming your poor strategic decision on the tires is a cop out. Each team has the same tires. Some have figured them out. Some have not.

Whining about the tires is just another racers' excuse. And now the FIA is going to reward the whiners by changing the tires. My Mom said whiners never get what they whine for. She was wrong.

ETA: Two of the four races this year have the winner setting quicker times than last season. Two have slower times this year versus last. One (China) has essentially the same time the past two years (actual difference of 0.016 seconds). In other words, there is no clear evidence that the tires this season are slowing down the pace versus last season.

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