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Glad your OK. That's quite a story, but unfortunately one we hear all too often...

I was driving to work this morning with people on my ass, and darting all over the place thinking just how irresponsible drivers have become in recent history. Also how much in a damn hurry everyone is...

If you have to rush to get somewhere, you have a time management problem. If you have a time management problem that causes you to act in a selfish "all about me" dangerous manner, than you're a complete disgrace of a human being IMO.

I have a :30 commute to work which starts at 0700. I wake up at 0500. I don't have to get up that early. It takes me about :15 to be out of bed and put the door (I shower and all that at work). I choose to wake up early so as not to be rushed. Leave my house by 0615 so as not to feel rushed on my commute, and if I need to get gas or whatnot, I'm still good.

This makes me a safer driver, I just wish others cared as much about being safe and not so much in a damn hurry.
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