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Yes I saw that too in my research. Somehow I feel that the windshield was in a bind or it would not have done that. It is very unlike GIVI to have issues from my experience. It is a concern however.

My new to me GT has an Ermax windshield. The bike will be here Thursday and that shield may be just fine but it is dark tinted and my preference has always been for clear due to night/rain visibility issues.

I've researched a bunch but pictures of various available windscreens are few and far between.
Do what you like on the w/s but: I am short & always tour with a w/s on a MC & other than "right in front of me"! , I actually don't "look through" the w/s.It can be covered with Texas Love Bugs and doesn't matter, I can see fine. I saw this one old coot(I'm 69 so we are talking him as older than dirt) and he has his old airhead BMW MC parked in the lot to register for a rally. There are stickers plastered all over his w/s from rallies gone by- when ole shep was a pup- and while it's not what I'd do to mine which is clear & shiny, I did consider that you don't look through them anyway unless your a midget. Please no disrespect to the little people... My current MC had a Givi flyscreen on it when I bought used & it was cute but useless as it moved no air over my head-buffeting all the 1300 miles home. On a scoot or MC it seems to me that as a "sit up ride" they are something you look over the top?
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