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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
I have both a Shad rack and top case on my Zuma 125, and the quality is good, certainly acceptable, but not great. But it didn't cost a fortune either.

As for the GTi 300, I like it. I just found out that the Honda Forza is coming to the U.S., and got excited there for a moment. Then I went to the Kymco site and checked out the GTi 300, and found the MSRP to be $200 less than the Honda, plus Honda has a $300+ "destination charge" added to theirs. That's a $500 difference, and after all is said and done, with all of Honda's "dealers fees", the Kymco will probably go out the door for $1000 less than the Honda.

Does anyone know what is involved in checking/adjusting the valves on the Kymco? The Forza looks exactly like the PCX150, and it has recommended valve check intervals of 2500 miles, and it is a 3 hour job. That's why I picked the Zuma over the PCX. If the Forza has the same problem, and the Kymco doesn't, then the Kymco is definitely the winner.
I started a "what did you pay thread" on the Kymco forum-asking for info on the People GT 300i ( and getting other scoots too)-one guy in NY state paid $4400 for a new one.
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