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messed up

Hi, while working on the clutch I found something warning me!!

Just spot the difference! (Left was on bike / right is spare one)

Second previous owner stripped the thread of the bolt of the oil filter and fitted a bigger bolt(with helicoil)!! While doing this he messed up with the function of covering the hole that leads to the sump.

Luckily I had a spare cover (the one in the right of the photo) Got to clean it and see if the spare one is alright to function.

The bike has been running at least 1 and a half year like this! (and more time from the previous owner) just some strange noises coming from the top end (maybe from lack of lubrication?) but anything was going too hot or at least I didn't notice

With the oil filter cover attached the bolt looked like this(not covering at all the conduct)

Waiting for yamaha new bolt now

Proud of my XT not dying for anything, might be good opening top end looking for anything messed up? looked at it 6 months ago and looked perfect.

Any thoughts?

Cleaned the spare clutch cover got the bolt I needed form Yamaha (so fast!) and got the bike running, ended up I was doing something wrong on the adjustment of the clutch as now it's perfect, I've got a runner, I got to see if tank oil level i more constant than before as no oil will be going to the crankcase through the cracked hole!

Tried this time Yamalube 10W40 Semisynthetic to see if it works well.

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