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Mine arrived today...

My jeans arrived today so here is part one of my review of them.

The armor. This stuff is Forcefield so you know it's good. These pieces are triple layered and the knee armor pieces are stitched down the middle to hold it together. The hip armor is glued at the center. With both sets as you can see, the layers are able to move and flex. Hip pieces are marked left and right.

You get a couple of decals with your jeans.

The jeans. (ignore the color of the first photo of the jeans, I had the camera set to vivid color)
These are heavy! I was kinda surprised actually at the weight of them when I lifted them out of the box but I guess when you consider that there are the jeans, a layer of Kevlar and a layer of sport mesh then it makes sense.

I ordered the darker blue color.

Everything is well stitched together and the inner mesh feels nice.

Nice small touch.

The hip pocket opens at the center, and is held together with velcro.

The armor sits in the pocket nice and snug and does not move around a lot, ie: there isn't an excess of pocket for it to do so like some other brands. Even with the armor in everything sits snug and flat.

The knee armor feeds into it's pocket from the bottom and is easy to place. I just held my hand against it while feeding it in to stop the velcro from attaching itself prematurely, then laid it where i thought it should go and closed the bottom of the pocket with its velcro closure.

As to the sizing, well due to a mix up I got a size 36 instead of my 32's that I ordered so these are going back and my new ones will be on the way tomorrow. Part two of my review will be a few days away.

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