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2,725 Miles and a New Rear Tire

2,725 miles on the ODO now and the Zero continues to run perfectly despite my rough use model. Still no startup errors, no charging issues, no running issues.

My range is improving slightly now, probably from the warmer weather. Yesterday I rode a total of 48 miles that was a mix of city, freeway (for about 7 miles) and dirt road riding. At the end of the 48 miles the energy graph still showed 6 out of 11 bars. 100+ miles could be real for city and backroad dirt riding. I am going to take some longer dirt road spins soon now that the snow is gone or leaving from some of my favorite high altitude paths.

The more I ride electric, the more I like it. Now that we have had a few 90 degree days this bike is excellent. Sitting at a stop light on a hot day the bike makes Zero heat. That was a big change from my Buells which could really cook the rider on a hot day in slow traffic conditions.

I went up to a Bridgestone Trailwing TW40 120/90-16 which is wider and taller than OEM but there is still plenty of clearance around the belt, swing arm, and rear fender.

It looks like it will hook up a lot better in loose stuff that I ride a lot. I will get some ride data tomorrow.

For the belt drive skeptics out there I carefully inspected the belt and drive sprockets and found no damage after almost 3,000 miles of mixed riding on pavement, gravel, sand, and dirt. I ordered in a spare belt and will keep in handy in the shop but it is looking to be quite durable so far.

Tire swap was easy, this bike is really simple to work on.

Some pics of the old and new tire:

Original, about gone:

New Tire:


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