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I'm 5'11, but long legged. I have to stoop or move forward very slightly to have calm air with the stock shield in calm weather. Any kind of wind and I'm getting a lot of noise. I need just a couple inches more on the stock shield.

I'm going to give the standard Aero a try. 4" taller than the stock. I think the biggest benefit will result from the pressure relief by having the big scoop at the bottom.

Shield worked great on a 30 mile ride tonight. Speeds were under 70. There is still some low frequency rumbling above 60. At speeds below 45 I can open my helmet face shield and have calm quiet air.

The standard height is perfect for me. In a normal sitting position, my view of the road over the top of the shield starts about 20' in front of me. I can slouch slightly and lean forward a bit to be completely protected behind the shield in rain.

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