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Wow how things have changed..

Ktm with Lopez & Coma. Certainly the smart money is on these guys and this team. Add Kurt as a wilcard and big orange is looking very strong, yet again.

The relatively new HRC has a decent chance with Helder. Team dynamics and a bike that has yet to prove itself (to me anyways) seem to remain a challenge. Personally I say give Helder 2 bikes, a van and a small support crew that consists of his buddies and he would do better than being a spoke in corporate red wheel. Sam, Joan.....wildcards...who knows....both very promising. Certainly top ten, podium...not so sure, like I said they are wildcards.

Cyril. Yahamaha? According to all the rumors looks like Yamaha France will have a strong team. Mr consistent just became a wildcard in my opinion. Team dynamics, bikes reliability and performance....who knows.

Speed brain left with Quinn and Speedy. An outside chance of a podium, very doubtful though (my opinion).

A bunch more with a chance to crack top ten. Certainly a mix up this past 18 months. No sightings yet of ktm's new design?

7 more months to go
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