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Originally Posted by stripple View Post
That's a beautiful machine. I'm getting more and more taken with the Z1000/Ninja 1000. Have you done any poewr mods to it? I hear that there's a lot of extra power lurking in those motors if one makes the right mods.

If you have done some mods, what have your impressions been?
I haven't fiddle with it much. I changed the tips to give it a deeper sound, but left the mufflerbox underneath.

This thing pulls so hard I have yet to really desire more power. I rarely travel above 80 miles per hour, but even there it has some grunt.

It's so much fun down low, I've almost perfected launching from a full stop. All my screwball buddies on their sportybikes (I hate riding sportbikes (no offense guys)) are hopeless from 0 to about 40 or 50. Rolling starts are even more fum to torture them with.

I typically ride alone (commuting). I love trolling around DC on this thing, when you want to be in a spot the throttle gets you there in an instant. No wind up, no hesitation, just "rahh" (poor rear tire, lol)

The best upgrade I've done to this bike to date is the pads. The stock ones are weak. I put on some HH+ pads and now it stops like a city bike should.

The only time I think it's ever lacking is when I'm on the freeway in 6th and I'm too lazy to shift to fifth too pass a slow car.

I bought it in January and so far I've put 3500 hard, hard, hard miles on it... all grins all the time.
i haz z1000!
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