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Originally Posted by Existence_Inc View Post
Yes, stock gearing. Yes, US gallons. I calculate the MPG on EVERY fill up. I write the mileage on the receipt and stuff it in a pocket and do my calculations when I return. No engine work, but retuned for the Akrapovic exhaust. I have just under 9000 miles and I have only noted sub 50MPG once and that was 46MPG with 1/2 the tank used at a track day. It was my first, so I didn't concentrate on speed as much as getting comfortable and learning the course.

Example: This weekend I went for a ~400 mile ride. I stopped for gas at 150.2 miles and topped it off with 2.68 gallons: 56.1 MPG. Next stop, my fuel light came on at exactly 200.0 miles, only took 3.61 gallons to fill the tank: 55.4 MPG. I use premium fuel (usually E10, because that is what is available) and I keep the bike between 6-8,000 RPM with a few short runs from 10-14,000 RPM.

It's obviously a result of waxing my helmet.

Your mpg seems totally reasonable to me. Some people just have a knack for getting good mpg. Excluding track days my average mpg on my 07 cbr600rr was at 49.9mpg when I sold it. My avg mpg on my tiger 800 is at >54mpg which is the highest on fuelly. I've been thinking of picking up a used 675 and I would fully expect to get the same sort of numbers you get though a major reason for the purchase would be to get back on the track.
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