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Nothing really exciting, but I upgrade the come-alongs on the gantry.

USA made Sheave blocks from Tractor Supply for $17 and change...

...and USA made come-alongs for around $30 from Lowe's. Hard to find USA made items at either place, so I was pretty happy with the find.

I just bought a 330 cubic foot argon cylinder this morning (lying horizontal in the truck bed) because I'm going through the 125 cubic foot tanks in a little over a week's time. This will cut down some of my running around and make refills less expensive.

125 tank refill = $50.
330 tank refill = $75.

Yep, that will work. More for less is always a good thing.

I also whipped up some extensions for raising the beam an extra foot.

...and then made a chain to hoist the 175lb cylinder by its cap.

And then...nothing. Durn it! This happened a couple weeks ago when I was helping a friend with a repair. I push the button and nothing. 120V - check. ARGHHHHH! Oh well. I thought I would have a kewl photo of a massive tank dangling above the truck bed, but it was not to be. I have work to do, so I just slide the tank off the tailgate and roll it in the garage. Bummer.

I need to give the hoist a thorough once over. Probably a loose connection somewhere.
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