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Originally Posted by BaronVonDarrin View Post
Which has the better venting? the traverse or the overland? The overland appears to have the same shape vents as my chinook pants from klim, that sort of diagonal cut from waist to above the knee which I think helps scoop up a lot of air all over my leg. Can anyone comment to the effectiveness of one pant over the other?
are you just curious about the pants? or jacket as well?

I've got a Traverse jacket, and I really like it, but it doesn't vent all that well. all it has is under-arm vents, which, in riding position, are pushed closed. You have to hold up your arms a bit (bow them out) to get the vents to open up and air to flow. Thankfully its not a heavy jacket to begin with, so even with armor, its not terribly hot. Its been hot around here recently (90's) and it hasn't been terribly uncomfortable while underway. Sitting on the tarmac at a traffic light .... thats another story.

Can't speak to the pants, I've got Latitudes.
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