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Major failure on my rig: broke a brake spring - IMWA warranted the wheel, spokes, hub and tire. Some relays went away and, of course, the brake light switch.... That's it! 20Kkm - haven't been riding much due to health issues. I'll be back up on it this summer. Currently, the horn and starter have corrosion issues - I live in upstate NY! Is anyone surprised!?!?! "Sorted out" largely was a matter of adding features that I wanted: a third brake light, a back-up light, better forward lighting, correcting the engine guard and bash plate on the engine and sidecar, a 2wd/R shifter from Raceways, Modtops mufflers, etc. The rig was initially set up correctly by VT Cycles in Poland ME - Thanks! That has made all the difference, I'm sure.
In '07 there were problems with the trans and rockers but my rig was not affected.
So, as often happens in life, it's better to be lucky than good because so much of it all is a crapshoot, particularly when you're talking about a handmade contraption designed 75 years ago and made by folks who are doing their best within the parameters of whimsy that life these days is.
I'm having a very good time with my my Ooohrahl and will continue with the adventure.
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