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nice gathering,,

on a positive note,,OMB did not wear one of his many dress ensembles to the meet-up tonite, Thank Shelley for that,,she had his favorite skirt and stuff on!,,I must say,,OMB's bra seemed awful tight on Ol'MonkeyWife!

,Amy came to the table to tell us,,the chef's meat is finished, he just hasn't pulled it out yet,

,Rachael said,,these dishes are hot on the bottom,,
Yeah?,,"Hmm,,just like you sweety", all hot on the bottom.

VDuck and Chris gulped down a beer and all the route plans for the entire state from OMB, then fucked off to go git loaded,,or sumpthin,,,

Linda rode in on her big massive purple cruiser ( matches her breasts,) and made grown men look like wussies,(well,just the one's that drove their minivans)
RideAbout gave tutorage to the lost map secrets of the Oregon badlands, and offered Dirty Cock washes to everyone at the table. With such a tiny bar,,not sure how he could do that..

Jim ,says he thinks his name is parallax,,or some kinda ___-Lax,I think he's a spy,or worse yet,,an agent!,,,showed up and introduced himself,,then went outside and talked on some strange 'black-ops' telephone in tha parking lot,,no doubt giving a full report on all the riders inside.
EdRidesBikes showed up on his wife's Royal Enfield,all smiling and happy like he'd gotten away with something,,never saw a guiltier look,,,,then a few minutes later Tracy came walking across the lot looking for her bike!
We gave him up, had to,ratted him out, and disclosed his secret hiding place,,what was he thinkin?,

,No show from some of the other regulars,,guess they don't like to risk the raindrops,,or it's a personal issue,

,is it because I have fewer teeth,and you don't want to be seen with me,, or because you disagree with my old age prison retirement plan?
Maybe yer KLR got wet and stayed home,,so you did too? Or yer shiny blue V-Strom would have to go to the detailers if it got water drops,,so yer saving the expense,,who can guess?
My chicken marinade/sweet pepper stuff is just as good as Amy's meatloaf,,but the backfire burps are about the same,,just taste different!
Oh,,and I was forced to stop on the way home and pee in the river,,watched the level rise,y'know!(side note,,there is a concern about low water levels in Fern Ridge Res,,if everybody went and peed there,,we could fix the problem!,,and the only thing it would change would be the lake level,,)
That's what I know for the night,,peace! ptrmn,,
"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV

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