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Originally Posted by c1skout View Post
That's awesome. Any special prep work to make the quads useable in those temps? Can you let them cool off if you stop or do you need to let them run?
We have just upgraded to Honda 420cc quads from the old carb 350cc which were a lot easier to start in the cold!!. The new 420's are EFI and course a little trouble in the really cold conditions. Once it gets below -25c nothing really likes to start! We have added andeson plugs so we can jump start them from a new 12v battery in the field or off another quad as batteries hate the cold!!!! The other thing the ECM and all it's sensors have a hissy fit in the cold!! The air sensor are only calibrated to -20c so we sometimes have to blow warm air down the intake so they will star. We also make the spark plug gap smaller.
We keep them running while out in the field, though at night when staying in a field hut we shut them down and hope like hell we can get them started in the morning!! On these field trips there is always a mechanic that tags along. So I get out a bit!!
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