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Got some work in today.

Yesterday I had the chance to run to the powder coater and pick up my parts. Jack was a super nice guy. I'll be bringing the parts to my xs650 to him for sure.

I've got a little busy these past two weeks. Which is awesome because this bike is costing me way to much money. As I've been in my studio the Ups, USPS, and Fed ex guys have become my new best friends. . I finally had a little time today to make it up to my garage and bring all the parts with me. Oh the Joys of your garage being on the other side of town.

I had to run over to my garage for more reasons than just dropping off my parts. I had to take the wheels off my 600. I have a track day coming up next week. Tomorrow I'm switching out the tires. I thought it was going to be a quick trip show up throw my parts in the garage, take off the wheels throw them back in the van and then head home for dinner. When my Girlfriend texted me and said she was going to meet up with a friend and she wasnt going to be home for a little while. ahhhh hah that meant wrenching time! Excellent With so much to do I didn't know where to start. I don't know if I shared but here is a picture of the Bike as she sits now.

I decided with the time I had I could probably get the new seal and shaft in the water pump.

This meant I got to use a new tool; I just picked up. When I picked up that parts from the powder coater I ran by sears. I knew I had to get some better snap ring pliers. The cheap ones I had from harbor freight just weren't cutting it.

Worked great. Shaft and seal are now installed. I also found that I misplaced one of those dowels for the engine case . I know its somewhere. I was so careful in putting all the parts that came off the bag in little ziplock bags. gezz oh well.

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