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Your tables are very interesting. There is no doubt that autotune is functioning and learning from the Wideband O2 sensor. In a way it's too bad you don't have a second bung near the first one so that you could monitor AFR and see if you're really getting your target AFR.

-I'm assuming you run ethanol.
-I'm going to have to think about where you have limits in your settings and will be back to you with some questions.
-It looks like at 6500 rpm and above for tps 10% and above the trim is maxing out at 10%.
-The 25% numbers may be max-out numbers too. And that's awfully large.
-With an AFR target of 13.2, really lambda 0.90, and running E10, you would expect about a 14% correction. Which is what we LC-1ers see.
-I'm surprised that some of the high rpm/TPS numbers aren't single digit or negative.
-Are the auto tune trims additive to the fuel map trims? If they are at 2%, 1250 rpm you're adding 45% to fuel—20% map plus 25% trim to hit 13.5. I question that. That doesn't seem right.
Does the PC V AT have a heater calibration or free air calibration mode? What altitude do you ride at? Widebands are altitude sensitive.

How would you feel about saving your current tables and then doing the following. Leave AFR targets as is, zero out the fuel table and trim table. Ride for a week and repost the trim table. Maybe even post it after each ride. It would be interesting to see it develop.

This is all pretty interesting.
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