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Pissed Just crossed over to the dark side and bought a Ural.

I have read many of the replies to this post, which was one of the first things I read when I was researching Urals. If I stopped at that post instead of continuing on in my research, I would never have bought my 2008 Ural Patrol. I would then have missed out of one of the best motorcycles I have ever owned. I do not know of any motorcycle out there which brings more delight to everyday people than a Ural. As far as reliability? Time will tell, but so far over the last 6 months and thousands of miles rode, no issues. All I can say is, do not let this thread prevent you from buying a Ural. Do your own exhaustive research, make up you own mind. And, if you do come over to the dark side, you will have more fun than a barrel if monkeys.
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