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Largest ball of twine

It seems the Midwest, and especially the NORTH is "tied up" with the hot competition to create the largest ball of twine. Like the Cawker City one, the one in Wisconsin holds the claim as being rolled by only one man. The difference, "JFK" the "ballmeister" from Wisconsin is still alive and able.

The competition and the play by play (read it all, it's a slow moving sport):

Here's the stats of the individual players:

Lake Nebagamon, WI
James Frank Kotera (sole ballmeister)
- 19,920 lbs (estimated)
- unknown circumference

Cawker City, KS
Frank Stoeber (d. 1974: added onto by others)
- 17,980 lbs
- 40 ft circumference

Darwin, MN
Francis Johnson (d. 1989: sole ballmeister)
- 17,400 lbs
- 40 ft circumference

Branson, MO
J.C. Payne (and possibly others)
- over 12,000 lbs
- 41' 5" circumference

As a Midwesterner, I've eagerly pursued careful scientific study of this slow moving competition. Over the last 10 years, I've seen two of them in person. It's time to complete the whole tour. I hope to get the study done in the next 10 years or so.
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