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Originally Posted by Lotus1967 View Post
will do...

am thinking also, somethig is up since whenever I refuel, it's NEVER more than 2.1 gallons.

capacity is sposed to be 2.6..

BTW, the thumbs down isn't directed at the response... just my fuel system...
Originally Posted by slide View Post
I have noted, over the life of my bike, a decrease in mpg going from a solid 75 to a current 68. I attribute it to more ethanol in the fuel.

Anybody else seeing similar? I don't think that's the cause of the guy you are responding to but it got me to remembering what I used to get mpg-wise.

75 & 68 mpg? Are you standing next to the bike and pushing it? Maybe pulling it behind a bicycle? Keep in mind that since the speedometer reads 10% high, so does your odometer.

The switch to summer gas blends will beat up your mileage, as well as running the crap California gas.
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