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Originally Posted by isgila View Post
When doing oil change, i always drain about a liter first. Then start the bike for a second or two. Low oil lights up indicating the sensor works. Switch off the bike then continue draining.
I always top up 2 liter of fresh oil. Its easier to top up rather than drain out.
It's NOT an oil level sensor (you mentioned "low oil") it's an oil pressure sensor. It is possible to maintain oil pressure with less oil than the "full line" BUT if you have a low oil pressure condition in the engine, damage (especially to the cam journals in this type of engine... the are set high and are plane or hydraulic bearings) is likely...granted it is more likely with extended running at higher RPMs, Ironically the main bearing will are less likely to be damaged (roller bearings lower in the engine).

It seems a needlessly risky way to test the light when you can accomplish the same thing by watching to see if it turns on after you hit the kill button.
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