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Originally Posted by tommyvdv View Post
we'll be there by the 10th I guess. it's really hard to make out when we'll get where. we've got some distance to cover and a lot of nice places to see. I'll check in here when we're starting the teams Pyrenees from the east
Well, as far as my plans go: I'm meeting some Spanish friends near Teruel over the weekend of June 8/9th and will be heading back to the Pyrenees then. I'm very keen to explore these routes so will be spending a few days maybe at or near to the Bardenas or at least in the Mallos de Riglos, or Ochagavia or somewhere like that.

So we could co-incide if you like. As you say, nearer the time . . .

Originally Posted by tommyvdv View Post

The second track starting at the road going from "Valarena" to "Tudela" isn't marked on my map. I'm guessing it'll be obvious once we get there.
You want the track just to the east of the village. It s signposted from the main road that bypasses Valarena so you don't go into the village at all. If you're coming from the North-East just stay on the main road and you'll see the sign.

Don't be put off by the scruffy farmsteads at the beginning of this lane and be very careful of Sunday drivers, coaches, etc. as the lane is narrow and raised above the surrounding terrain in places. In fact I would always recommend entering and exiting the park from then northern 'spur' it's just so much more dramatic!

And now - at last!


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