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Originally Posted by tuna101 View Post
I know of no big box outfits in your "down the hill". I got a couple closer to mine, and there's a Cycle Gear in Bewtyfool Downtown Victorville but most of them are a long haul from here.

Looking for anything in particular?
Just a good selection, so I can find a helmet that fit's good on my big head! Tried on everything around here and just can't find 1 that fit's well.[/QUOTE]

In terms of selection Chaparral Motorsports in San Berdoo is probably top of list, followed by Bert's in Azusa.

There may be more but I'm prolly the wrong guy to ask cuz I'm not much of a helmet whore. I wear mid-to-low-range, full faced lids, paint them O.D. green so only a nearsighted tortoise would even consider touching them and I keep them until they either disintegrate or their face shields are so obsolete they're considered "vintage".
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