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Swung by my local Honda dealership riding my Cannondale home from work to try to see one of the new CB 500s purely for shits and giggles.

Asked the rep if they had one, he said "yeah man! can't beat it for the price"

The only bike he was pointing at as a CBR 250. I shook my head and got on it, got off and proceeded to leave"

Then another rep dashes after me saying, "Aren't you the guy who called this morning"


Oh well, we've got great deals going on for you right now 1.1% APR etc etc etc.

If I was a mean person I would have told him they need to learn how to fucking count, or if I can get two 250s for the price of one 500 since its half the size.

Why can't the AMAZING local Kawi or Suzuki dealer be the one I pass every day to work? Lol
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