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I hear you. Interestingly, I've heard the same sentiment about early 2000 era VW's too. I'm wondering if VW somehow manages to create new legends of unreliability every decade yet somehow stay in business? There must be a hardcore group of loyal owners that keep them going.

We made arrangements for new tires yesterday. We have to go about 200 miles north to Eugene to find a Discount/America's Tire but its worth it since we buy all of our tires from them here in Phoenix and their warranty and service are excellent. Dagoboy was beside himself with joy at finding out Oregon has no sales tax! He felt like he was really sticking it to the man! Plus we can check out the U of O campus when we are there and check that off our potential colleges list.

We hit our local VW dealer yesterday to see if they had a record of a timing belt change for that VIN# and they were spectacularly unhelpful. He never even touched a keyboard, saying only warranty repairs were on computer records. When I inquired about the cost of a timing belt change, he cavalierly tossed out $1250+tax, again without consulting a book or a computer. Needless to say this car will NEVER roll on to their lot.

I'll be calling around for some quotes for getting the timing belt change done in Medford at some independent shops today. Just for giggles, my sister is going to call the Medford V-Dub dealer to see what they would charge. Her daughter has a Tiguan that they take there for service and she says they seem nice enough.
You're doing it wrong.

The part you've done right: getting a teenager a cheap car. Looks perfect for him. The bad: he needs to learn how to do some maintenance!

Make the boy change the belt himself so that he can learn what hell he is putting some poor mechanic through when he puts down a boat load of his own money the next time the timing belt needs changing.
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