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Originally Posted by KungPaoDog View Post
You're doing it wrong.

The part you've done right: getting a teenager a cheap car. Looks perfect for him. The bad: he needs to learn how to do some maintenance!

Make the boy change the belt himself so that he can learn what hell he is putting some poor mechanic through when he puts down a boat load of his own money the next time the timing belt needs changing.
Oh, trust me when I tell you I've tried to mentor the boy on how to fix bicycles, motorcycles, cars or you name it. This kid has little mechanical aptitude and even less interest in working on cars. If it were my car and I could pack enough tools on the plane to do the job myself, I would. But its his car, his money and his choices that he has to live with. Time is also a factor, we need to be back in AZ by Friday. He has the SAT test on Sat and starts summer school on the following Monday.

It's looking like the Medford VW dealer has their stuff together. They quoted $762 to install a new factory belt, water pump, tensioners and both pulleys. All covered by their 3 year 50,000 mile warranty. The local independent quoted $625 to change the belt and water pump only using aftermarket parts. He kept insisting the tensioner and pulleys were fine with that low of miles, but if we insisted on a new tensioner, then add $100 to the price.

I know who I'd go with. I'm waiting to hear from the kid on his decision.
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