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Dealers take a bad rap. My experience with them is that there are a few that have no scruples and will rape you if they can. The rest are just honest folk with a passion for bikes, trying to make a living. What I can't stand are people who take their bike to get fixed, or tires they bought online mounted - and then bitch about the price. Profit is not a ; letter word. Last week, my bike needed new tires the day before a big trip. I called my local dealer who fit me in, orders a set of tires overnight, and got the job done. It cost $493 for a new set of Tires, install, balancing, and disposal. Was it spend? Sure. But they bust their ass to accommodate me, and stayed late afterwards so I could pick it up.
I work in a similar industry. Service costs money. I paid the bill, ride away satisfied. My time is worth money, and so is theirs.
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