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On page 23 DRZ Charlie asked if there will be "Beer Medics" at checkpoints on the singletrack. Sounds like a great idea! Charlie, you were a snake eater, you know how to do I.V.s, if I bring a I.V. kit with beer in it will you do the honor of administering my Beer Medic I.V.? I'll take a beer I.V., but please, NO BEER ENEMAS! They ain't talkin me into THAT again. Had to replace my muffler bearings twice the last time.

There are usually a few street only folks at any of these type events. There are also usually some big bike/easy off road /pavement guys too on the big adventure bikes. It's all fun in that area on any type bike.

It's hard to find a better all highway location than that area anywhere in the world. I've ridden Deals Gap, (Tail of the Dragon), and most of the Cherohala Skyway all around there in NE Georgia, W. Virginia, Tennessee, and other places in the Smokies and Blue Ridge mtns. N.W. Ar. is just as good or maybe even better for road riding. Less traffic and just as twisty. Less LEOs here in Ar. You had best keep in mind riding the twisties in that area that it will probably be hours before any ambulance, first responders, med flights, or even a cop will get to you if you get hurt. Several yrs ago we had to get a med flight to a guy who had a really bad crash on a remote dirt road west of Mill Creek, took 2 hrs to get him out. An ambulance couldn't get to him, the roads were too rough. We finally got a chopper landed in a farmers field close enough. Funny thing was the guy who crashed was our medic/paramedic!

Another time a buddy of mine crashed at Byrds and died! Another rider did CPR and got him back, then he died again on the med flight, they got him back again. He's a tough ol dog, he's still riding and still fast.

Can't beat the singletrack, twotrack, dirt roads, or pavement in Arkansas. You can't beat it, but it all can sure beat you! Me anyway. But that's what makes it so fun.

I'm trying like heck to make it up tonite. Might be midnight, but I should be there late night or early morning tomorrow. I'll be in a black and grey Isuzu Trooper with a little black enclosed trailer, red older GasGas. All my equipment looks old and beat up. It is. I also look old and beat up. I am. But I still got a bike and a quart of moonshine so I'll be fine!
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