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Saturday was a pretty long day for a bunch of Montanans just coming out of hibernation and we were ready for some qualty campfire time to work past the saddle sores. So we grilled up some dinner, finished off this awesome pork roast that Adam smoked the day before we left, and just had the most relaxing evening.

I'm pretty sure I was right about something here

One thing I have to add: My oldest son, now a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer in Denver, sent me the coolest Christmas present. It's a Bose bluetooth portable sound system. I just turn it on, sit there in my chair, and play whatever I have on my phone which I can command volume etc untethered to it. The sound is rich and wonderful. This thing was really nice to have around camp and added so much to the ambiance.

Another note: You'll see tents behind our camp in some of the pictures. There was a large group from Houston with the KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) organization. They take kids who are mostly from low income and underprivileged situations, and prepare them for college and keep them on the right track. This group was 6th graders, mostly all hispanic and black, and there were 61 kids and just a handful of chaperones. When we first saw them roll in on the buses we thought oh boy, this is going to be a screaming kid noise fest. Well, they were the nicest, quietest, most well behaved bunch of kids you'd ever see. We talked to several of them, and I complimented their counselors on what a great bunch they were. It was fun being next to them, although we were probably a bad influence. :)

The next day we wanted to ride out to the Kane Creek/Chicken Corners road again so the girls could see it. Then we ended up riding from the intersection on the Chicken Corners road for some miles till we were over the top a ways. Gosh it was beautiful.

And people say my bike hobby is dangerous!

A word about the girls here. We just dragged them off into whatever we came across, and they handled their bikes like it was no big deal at all. The forded creeks, maneuvered deep sand, picked through rocky obstacles, and rode like champs. There were a handful of low-speed drops and get-offs, couple of bruises, but hardly a scratch on a bike nor damage to the body or soul. They were so fun to ride with, which makes these forays that much better.

Petroglyphs at a spot on the way back

Unfortunately, all good things must end, and so does our Moab trip of 2013. We packed up and began the long journey home.

We bought some local Utah brew called Polygamy Porter.

Kept ourselves entertained for all the hours in the truck

Camped at the north end of Salt Lake

For all who've been to Moab and explored the back country, I now understand when you say words or pictures just can't do it justice. Gotta be there to know. I will return to this other-worldly place of beauty and majesty as much as time allows, there is so much to explore and experience. What a fantastic trip, made so much better with good friends and the woman I love.

Thanks for riding along!

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