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Originally Posted by JNRobert View Post
If you're instructed to build a tire that degrades within a dozen laps when you're capable of building one that will last most of the race at lap record pace, then yes, that's a pretty good definition. We're not talking here about a custom tire that works only with one car (Schmacher and Ferrari). It seems reasonable to have a control tire to average out across all teams. But it shouldn't be one where we have the risible formulation that the fastest slow team won.
It isn't the "fastest slow team". It's the team which can best manage tires and speed. Or in the case of Ferrari, the team with the largest man-bits willing to do as many stops as possible.

The team which appears to be whining the most is acting the role of a spoiled, petulant child that isn't having it so easy. Remember the "flexi-wing" incident? Karma can be a bitch!
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