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Originally Posted by tHEtREV View Post
Not so much LC4 loyalty, more people sick of you spreading lies and misconceptions about non Jap bikes.

There are a hell of a lot of KTM owners who have never had a problem with them, and most if not all have had there share of jap bikes before going Euro.

How many KTMs or Huskys have you owned?

The DR is a good bike for the price, but it does have problems just like every other bike, your failure admit that,and your little story's that you like to make up prove your ignorance and nothing else.

Now back to the third gear failures...
So,how come there are all those "My Lc4 makes a funny noise" threads,or just plain explosion stories about the silly things? It does seem like more Lc4's scatter their gizzards then most bikes.

But a DR is in no way a comparison to a good Lc4,DR is a wide glide tank while an Lc4 is a strong thumping good handling euro bike that runs well and is pretty good right out of the box.
They do seem to have more then their share of problems staying together at times though.

Its good to see the 3rd gear failure thread is still going strong,I just beat my DR hard for 700 miles of backroads and dirt to the coast and back and it ran great as always,not a funny noise to be heard,like about 99% of all DR's on the road.

Keep it up though.
Some bikes around at times
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