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Originally Posted by stormsearcher View Post

My friend loaded shonky australia topo on the GPSMAP62. It does notb seem to show up on the unit but it is there when i open the map files on the unit using the computer.

hi i cant see 'shonky' on the menu. there is birdseye global and some US/french/swiss etc maps but i cant find shonky. i have disabled all the maps.
on the comp i can see shonky in custom maps which i moved to birdsdeye but it is not visible in the map menu. any instructions pls?
Is it possible that your friend didn't transfer the Shonky map set to the GPS?

If using Mapsource, activate Shonky from the pull down list of available maps, pick the Map Tool (looks like a five sided polygon), select the required map tiles, then "Send to Device" (assuming GPS is connected and visible to MapSource)

I don't have BaseCamp on this PC so can't comment on the process there
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