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Originally Posted by AleXtz View Post
i had the oem petcock installed but it continues to "transpire" gasoline out... i donno but this dr200 has been problem after problem. The oil leaking got worst also, low mpg, shakes a lot, rear shock noise, weak handlebar that bents easily

wont recommend this bike to a friend, ever (unless taken out from dealer store)

sadly, Alex

The OEM petcock is junk which is why this forum's recommendation is to replace it with a petcock from a Yamaha Raptor.

Oil leaks don't get better unless you fix the problem, and yeah, the leak usually gets worse. Any engine can leak oil. Some, like an old 1600 VW, will always leak. You likely have a bad o-ring or gasket somewhere (didn't search back through your posts to find out where the leak is). Fix what's wrong and you won't have a leak anymore.

Low mpg? Can't say as I've ever heard anyone say this bike has that issue. If you're constantly lugging it a gear too high, or maybe have jetting that's pretty off then that may cause that issue. Most have the opposite problem of trying to use a full tank of gas before it goes bad.

Shaking. You're looking at 3 possible issues here. If its engine vibration then yeah, the DR is pretty buzzy but not worse than many other single cylinders. If its shaking at speed, change the front fender and balance your tires. If its road vibration, run a different tire.

A squeeky rear shock is common. Annoying, but one of the flaws of this bike.

Handlebar that bends easily? I have yet to see an OEM bar that didn't. My post above on the pro taper EVO2 is an excellent replacement, and I've put some serious R&D in trying to bend it without success.

I'm the 1st to admit these bikes have some significant flaws. But IMO the complaints you've listed for the most part just aren't on that list.
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