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Originally Posted by JNRobert View Post
If you're instructed to build a tire that degrades within a dozen laps when you're capable of building one that will last most of the race at lap record pace, then yes, that's a pretty good definition. We're not talking here about a custom tire that works only with one car (Schmacher and Ferrari). It seems reasonable to have a control tire to average out across all teams. But it shouldn't be one where we have the risible formulation that the fastest slow team won.
It's impossible to build a tire that can last most of a race at lap record pace. A tire which lasts is always going to be firmer and therefore provide less grip. A tire which produces he best times will be softer and will degrade faster.

It's not possible to build the tire you would like to see.

And therein lies my point. All tires are a compromise. Nobody has even been or will ever be completely satisfied.

So all we're left to discuss is the degree of degradation. Myself, I very much like what they're doing right now. I know, I'm a Philistine.

So be it. At least I'm a contented Philistine.

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