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Originally Posted by Possu View Post
Interesting thread, I'm looking to buy another Valdez but here in the UK we're tiold they're no longer available yet 2013 spec jackets are for sale on US Ebay and are listed on the Klim website - anyone know what's going on?

I'd prefer not to buy a Traverse, I like the snowskirt and thumb loops of the Valdez and I'm not bothered about armour as I'll wear it primarily for trailriding with an Alpinestar pressure suit underneath.

Anyone familiar with the Tomahawk:

Or the Keweenaw which looks nearly identical to my old Valdez?

Or the Klimate which looks like the Keweenaw & Valdez but without the Napoleon pockets:

I've been told that the Traverse is made of a tougher grade of Cordura than the Valdez which should give a bit more abrasion resistance which I think is a bit lacking in the Valdez as I believe it's main use is a snowmobile jacket - any comments?
Those are all definitely from their snowmobile line. I actually have a tomahawk for sledding. The klimate even has insulation in it I believe. They might work in the dirt somewhat but I don't think they're really built with any abrasion resistance in mind.
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