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Originally Posted by Anonawesome View Post
There's pretty much no situation that the float level needs to be adjusted. I've heard a lot of people give this as advice but the metal tab is not really something that's meant to be adjusted. Unless you're really convinced that the PO did something to it, it's very unlikely to be the issue.
I hope you're right because I'm going to bend it back relatively flat when I tear into the carb again this weekend. I had it bent at a crazy angle and it really didn't affect the fuel level much, it always wants to be at a level just a little under the bottom of the fuel inlet.

From looking at the float design of that carb and tinkering with it a bunch there doesn't seem to be much adjustment built into the system. You can bend that tab as much as you want (I did!) and it just isn't going to close off the fuel much sooner.

Unless of course I'm missing something which is entirely possible.
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