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Ok, here we go. At the risk of offending all Boltistas (of which I was one), I finally made it down to the city and saw a black, base model in person. (Let me preface this by saying that I loved the pics and videos of this bike, and thought for sure an r-spec would be my next ride). The right side of this bike IS HIDEOUS! I walked in, and they had it sitting there up against a posterboard Bolt display with the exhaust side facing out, and the first thing that came to my head was "WHAT THE FUCK!?" This is all subjective, and I don't mean to piss off those who still love this thing and those who have bought it, but I was completely turned off. All of the shit tacked onto the right side of the bike makes it look like some kind of weird, cheap, fuck, I don't know . . . cheap weirdo?

The strap across the battery box is ugly, the heat shields are ugly, the air cleaner is huge and ugly, and the muffler is ugly. If the bolt had a dog, the dog would be ugly. The mechanicals may be better than the Iron 883, but the Iron is infinitely classier/more beautiful. There really isn't a bad line on the bike (as evidenced by the pic a few posts up).

It doesn't stop with the looks though. Sitting on this thing while on its stand with both feet up on the pegs was one of the more awkward sitting-on-a-motorcycle-at-a-dealership experiences for me. I don't know how to explain it, it was just odd. The thing is too wide, the airbox too big, and the pegs are in a funny spot (I'm 5'6" with short legs, and have ridden an '08 Ninja 250 for the last five years, which I fit great on).

Sitting directly across from the bolt was one of these:

Honda Shadow Phantom. Looked five times better, sat five times better, hell, even tipping it felt five times lighter.

I don't know maaaaan, I really liked the Bolt. I'm disappointed as all hell. I post very rarely, so, it just goes to show how strongly I felt about seeing it today that I would get off my lazy ass and write this diatribe.
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