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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
So,how come there are all those "My Lc4 makes a funny noise" threads,or just plain explosion stories about the silly things? It does seem like more Lc4's scatter their gizzards then most bikes.

But a DR is in no way a comparison to a good Lc4,DR is a wide glide tank while an Lc4 is a strong thumping good handling euro bike that runs well and is pretty good right out of the box.
They do seem to have more then their share of problems staying together at times though.
Most LC4 owners will tell you there bikes have been nothing but reliable with routine maintenance.

A vast majority of the threads about LC4 problems have been caused my incompetent people working on them or stupid mistakes by the owners.

My comment was directed at one person who continually sticks his nose into threads about bikes he knows nothing about and spreads crap about them.

Bottom line is that the LC4 is way more reliable than the internet myth that people like ADVtroll are spreading...

A KDX is way cooler than what ever you ride...
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