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Thanks Jacl.

No, I didn't get a new sidestand fabricated, the guys at one of the bikeshops did some repairs and modifications to the existing. I'm glad you mentioned it though, because I'd forgotten that right at the end of the trip - the last time I used it, the sidestand seemed to have seized... and I had to give it a kick to get it down - probably due to a bent pivot bolt. I've got all the other spare parts sitting there ready for me to get back to it... so all I need now is another sidestand... and me.

After two months on the sidelines, I did manage to get back in the saddle yesterday, sort of. I guess I shouldn't have, but there was a funeral out at Mae Rim Wat for a Norwegian expat who was married to a local lady. I rode a scooter out to the service. John went under a truck earlier this week. It wasn't the best of news to arrive back here to. This from

John Olson, known affectionately to his Chiang Mai riding friends as "Crazy John" was one of the nicest, fun-loving guys you could ever meet, no one had a bad word to say about him -ever!

On the 12th May, 2013, after riding off-road on a Honda CRF 250-L from Mae Rim to Mae Hong Son, while John & a friend were returning, John hit a Telephone company truck, killing him on R 1095, his body was taken to Mae Hong Son hospital.

John's is from Norway & his family have decided to repatriate his body to Norway.

I have to say, its the first time I've attended a funeral (and I've attended far too many) where there were bright flashing LED lights adorning the casket.

The farang riders present (of approx 150 attendees in total) were asked to come forward for a photo. (photos by Phillip Gibbins of Riders Corner in Chiang Mai)

RIP John and best wishes to his friends and family in moving on from this tragedy.

I'll update my progress later.
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