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Originally Posted by JNRobert View Post
But it shouldn't be one where we have the risible formulation that the fastest slow team won.
The "fastest slow team" has won the championship in the last three seasons.

Newey realised a while ago that even with DRS and KERS, the way to win was to design a car that wasn't top speed fast. His designs are optimised around corner speed even to the extent that they select lower gear ratios to improve acceleration out of the corners. That's why the Red Bull's rarely register in the top speed tables and why they struggle in the DRS zones bouncing off the rev limiter.

Their predilection for high corner speeds (whether aided by a blown diffuser or not) stresses the rubber more. It has been a Red Bull strategy to sacrifice top speed for corner speed and thereby set faster lap times in qualifying so that they can control the race from the front. The tyre specification affects this strategy. I'm not so naive as to believe that it's not intentional - no-one (outside Red Bull) wants to see another Ferrari/Schumacher/Todt/Brawn style domination. Arguably, that period did more harm than having iffy tyres is doing now.
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