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Originally Posted by oldtrout View Post
Laverda Jota.......

The earlier models had a 180' crank if memory serves. Much nicer growl than the 120' that came out later. Or was it the other way around ??

The original Kawi 500 Mach III had a spooky wild wail from the airbox when one rode the throttle. In combo with the two stroke triple it was distinctive fer sure.

Norton Commando "rapp offs" as we called them were cool as well. Used to be able to tell what a guy was riding before you saw him.

Shit I'm old.

A nod of approval with your above comments. My Laverda's original exhaust are totally hollow. Actually, the stock exhaust on both my Nortons are baffle free tubes as well.

Stock exhaust sound?? Gosh, I remember my early '78 CBX 6 banger sounded glorious rolling through the gears.

And lately, I just love the sound of that cross-plank Yamaha R1 engine, like a little pissed off V8.
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