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I have one of these also!

Originally Posted by stormsearcher View Post
i bought a garmin maP62 cheap online. being my first GPS unit i had no idea the 62 does not take an SD card but hass a built in memory of 1.71 g approx.

My friend loaded shonky australia topo on the GPSMAP62. It does notb seem to show up on the unit but it is there when i open the map files on the unit using the computer.
is there any trick to it being displayed? any suggestions please?
Use the software downoaded form garmin (Base camp) and map install. THen you use the free service from there you select the tiles you want (the tiles are the areas of map)
You will get an up to date download of all roads and select the option for the garmin set up.
Once downloaded there is a file you click on (cant remember the exact names but it is really obvious when you are looking at it) and that imports the maps into base camp. From there it is as easy as to download into the GPS and you can select the maps in base camp from the pull down.
PM me if you want to run through things in detail.
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