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SCRazor, you're offering to let one of us fools ride your bike? At White Rock? You should get the Nobel Peace prize this year. And any other of them fancy awards for those that do good for others.

Forget Ghandi, Bill Clinton, the Dali Lama, Pope John Paul the whatever, and Malcolm Smith. You trump the best chicks at Hooters which I'm truly convinced one will eventually get the Nobel Prize. You even far surpass those that if you flirt enough they make you the top shelf Long Island Ice Tea in the big glass for the regular price and slip you an extra order of wings for free. Although I admit I'm not sure how I'd vote on that. My heart would be with SC Razor, but the rest of me for the Hooters girl.

Speaking of Hooters, and wayyy off subject, but if you ever want to get slapped at Hooters, just do like I did and tell a hot black chick with a big rock hard ghetto booty but not blessed in the chest, that you just had a great idea:

"I'm gonna start up my own place like this and call it Pooters, and I want you to be my best waitress"! Damn, them black chicks can slap hard. Knocked the wing right out of my mouth. Made me blow beer out of my nose.

Almost forgot why I was gonna post this late: Just now going to bed, will shoot for morning-noon tomorrow for arrival.

Peace, Out, my brothers and sistas.
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