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Originally Posted by Dagofast View Post
I hear you. Interestingly, I've heard the same sentiment about early 2000 era VW's too. I'm wondering if VW somehow manages to create new legends of unreliability every decade yet somehow stay in business? There must be a hardcore group of loyal owners that keep them going.
They used to be cheap transportation that were easy to fix (growing up, my parents had three Beetles and two Rabbits).

I think the reason that people bought them in the 90's and beyond is that they do make great looking cars, with great interiors and many are really fun to drive, and they appeal to young urban hipster types who want that Euro image.

The problem is they're made with substandard components, many in factories in Mexico with what would seem to be poor QA standards. I know probably a dozen or more people who have owned VW's from 1990 to the present, and not one - literally not one - would ever even consider buying another one. Almost to a tee, they've all had electrical issues, and most have had problems with parts literally falling off the cars, weird breakdowns and all of them expensive to fix.
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