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Originally Posted by Mr Head View Post
I ate at my desk in a windowless building. It's 95 outside and feels like a pizza oven. I know because I just finished supervising loading the truck. aka helping.
Engineers, we're always in the way.

Maybe blow off my evening run and go sit at the new Italian place and daydream about riding my bike in a couple of weeks.
Good luck on your ride.
Take too many pictures linger just a little too long and meet some amazing people.
And stories we need lots of stories. Plus, never, ever change that avatar
Mmmmmmm, you mentioned pizza...

Mmmmmmm, you mentioned Italian food...

Er, I do not even run when chased...

Lots o photos, lots o videos, lots o stories - yes...

Linger - like homeless dudes at the offramp, asking for cash with cardboard signs... Or like a stale fart...

Change my avatar - um, never...
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