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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
So,how come there are all those "My Lc4 makes a funny noise" threads
Because they all sound like that. It's not a sign of impending doom

tHEtREV is on the money. All that extra performance is due to attention to design and less unnecessary fat everywhere. That alone makes them less tolerant of neglect than other brands. Every part is engineered to do its job/s and no more, unlike other brands which are crudely over-engineered because it's cheap and/or easy. You probably see more calls for help on the internet due to the rarity of the bikes: people often can't just go in to a nearby dealer who's had experience with them.

Sure, there's a couple of easily fixed issues, just like the KLR's doohickey and the DR's ignition pickup mount (or whatever it is), and so what? Before I bought mine I did my research, and quickly found so many examples of supposedly stone-reliable jappers imploding I figured it was a lottery anyway, at least I may as well ride a bike I like until it happens!

In our "local" circle of riders, coupla dozen, we've had several DR650 3rd gear blowups, one 640 top-end failure (and he's gone on to own two more KTM RFS bikes) and a couple of KLR oil-burners. We don't give a shit about the badge on the bike, we just enjoy the good times together. Because like the Hokey Pokey, that's what it's all about
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